FAQs - Conrad Brothers Moving and Storage


Should you empty drawers before moving dressers?

If you have anything that is breakable or can slide around and damage the drawer it needs to be removed. You can leave clothing items in drawers.

Do you unhook washing machine and dryer?

We do not unhook washer and dryers due to liability issues. We ask that you unhook both washer and dryer before we arrive for the move.

We do move them, but only if they have been unhooked.

What if it’s raining the day of the move?

If it’s raining there are a few options. If it’s a light drizzle we cover and protect all household items when moving from house to truck and truck to new house.

If it’s a heavy rain we can either wait it out or reschedule the move.

Do you move speciality items?

Yes. We move treadmills, hot tubs, pool tables, gun safes, bunkbeds, all size of pianos, and grandfather clocks. Some items need special care after the move and have to be set up by a professional third party who specializes in items like grandfather clocks or pool tables. These items have to be serves when set back up in new home.

Do you have storage?

Yes! We have 2 options. Storage Pods or Climate Controlled storage. We do not have self storage at this time.

Do you move cars?


Do you disassemble beds?

Yes we disassemble and reassemble all beds and any other furnishings that do not need special services (see above)

Do you put boxes into the same room of the new home?

Yes. As long as boxes are clearly labeled which room they go into. If you have items that you do not want moved make sure those are clearly labeled and separated from the rest of the items being moved.

Once we arrive at your new home, we do a walkthrough with you to make sure we understand what rooms you want your household items placed.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. As a company, we are required to have insurance and we are fully insured.

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